Business Intelligence

Every business leader is well aware of how crucial it is to make the right decision at the right time. In today’s hypercompetitive markets, small businesses and midsize companies face daily, even hourly, challenges to make the right call fast. This means having fast access to accurate information from every department in your company, and time away from fighting fires to focus on priorities, problem solving, and market opportunities.

We have put together a team of talented professionals, with a diverse background and experiences, to offer you a variety of customized solutions. We have a track record of offering solutions within a remarkably short timeframe. Our software team is quick in adopting new technologies and vigilant in keeping pace with the evolving software market. To maximize efficiency we develop customized applications which will guarantee better results compared to packaged software available in market.

Our Enterprise Resource Management system attempts to cover all basic functions of any organization, regardless of the organization's business or charter. It keeps all critical business information in one place by deploying an integrated business management system that spans all business operations. This synthesis lets you see the whole picture and endow all players in the organization with one version of the truth. In addition, automated, integrated processes are faster and morestreamlined, eliminating duplicate entries and making data more up-to-date and accessible. We have ready do deploy business application modules like:

Customer Relationship Management:

Mange your new sale leads as well as your existing clients.

Supply Chain Management:

Automate your total supply chain and maximize your control.

Human Resource Management:

Manage interviews, evaluate performances, and automate HR processes.

Project Management:

Assign responsibility, monitor activities, ease communication and see results.

Product Lifecycle Management:

Plan, make schedule, simplify processes, real time monitoring.