Geo Spatial Analysis

We are on our way to integrate the economic, public health, demographic, and many other pieces of digital information into this redundant, triple-tier-secured information system. Tell us what you need - we may already have it ready for immediate delivery!

Image Processing

We offer image processing services including image acquisition, fusion, image processing, mosaicing, stereo image analysis, flood classification, data conversion from maps, cartographic standardization etc.

Georeferencing Digitization

We can georeference any topographic maps. It is an essential step if the maps are to be used in a GIS environment. We can digitize different features from maps and assign attribute data, according to your specifications. This produces line, polygon, point, and text data sets, georeferenced, that anyone can use in any common GIS or CAD environment. The data can then be overlaid and combined with other raster or vector data and integrated directly into the specific project. Data can be provided in any of the above-mentioned formats, and in any projection.


Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) survey is one of the most modern techniques for collecting high accuracy spatial data and for the production of quality GIS database. We execute Global Positioning System surveys using state of the art GPS devices to establish high accuracy databanks for geo-referencing satellite images and for the extraction of GIS data layers from high quality satellite data.

Mapping, Atlas Cityscape

We are capable of developing digital map of from scratch. We are independent publisher of digital maps. Cityscape is a project by Mapwork which presents the digitized Dhaka City through a user friendly web application. You can search places, address, and business outlets within the city.


We provide training on GIS and RS include development of course curricula and training on ArcInfo, ArcView, ArcGIS, and Erdas Imagine and other graphic software.